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Members who would like to attend the Beaubear Credit Union's 2021 Annual General Meeting, need to request a registration link by emailing or by calling 506-622-4532.

The email must include the names of voting members that will be attending with the email address.  i.e. A member that has a joint member joining them in the meeting, this will be considered one vote as there is one account.  If there are mulitple members attending on one device they will have to join on a second device, a cell phone or tablet to vote.  If you need clarification on voting please call 506-622-4532

Once registered, you will receive a link and instructions on how to participate in the meeting. All registered members will have the ability to vote on all motions in this format.
Links will be provided prior to the meeting to enable you to download material.

If you have specific questions or comments you would like to have addressed at the AGM,  forward them in advance by emailing

The Registration deadline is April 26,2022 at noon.

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Call for Nominations for the Board of Directors

The Board Member Nomination form is in pdf format. The form can be printed, scanned and emailed to   or   the completed form can be printed and dropped off at either of branch of Beaubear Credit Union.  Please contact us if you have any difficulty with the nomination form.  Call 506-622-4532

Deadline is April 20,2022

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