Boards and Elections

Call for nominations

The Board Member Nomination form is in pdf format. The form can be printed, scanned and emailed to   or   the completed form can be printed and dropped off at either of branch of Beaubear Credit Union.  Please contact us if you have any difficulty with the nomination form.  Call 506-622-4532

Deadline is April 12, 2024

Board Selection

Beaubear Credit Union is a democratic financial institution that operates with the best interests of our members, community and environment in mind. You could play an integral role in shaping the future direction of this progressive, dynamic, and caring organization.

Guideline for Recruiting Board Members

A person who is a citizen of Canada, 19 years of age or older and a member of Beaubear Credit Union who satisfies the requirements set out in the by-laws of the Credit Union may be a director unless he or she is:

  • a person who has the status of bankruptcy
  • not an individual
  • an employee or spouse of a current employee, of the Credit Union or Credit Union Deposit Protection Fund
  • an employee of the credit union, a federation, or a stabilization board
  • an auditor of the Credit Union or a member of the firm of accountants of which the auditor is a member
  • a solicitor of the Credit Union
  • a person employed in the Civil Service whose official duties are concerned with the affairs of Credit Unions
  • without the written approval of the other directors, a person who has a loan with the Credit Union that is more than three months in arrears
  • a person that has a loan with the Credit Union that is more than six months in arrears

If you have been a member of Beaubear, preferably for a minimum of three (3) years, or have served on one of our committees, your expertise could be put to good use on the Board of Directors. The board has instructed its Nominating Committee to seek qualified candidates whom it has further described as members who:

  • Are Credit Union Members
  • Agree to undertake mandatory training in the way credit unions in general, and Beaubear Credit Union in particular, operate
  • Is prepared to read and study board level information
  • Is a Team Player

The Board has adopted a Policy Governance Model and will govern with an emphasis on:

  • Encouragement of diversity of viewpoints
  • Strategic leadership
  • Clear distinction of Board and CEO roles
  • Collective rather than individual decisions
  • Being proactive rather than reactive

Each member of the Board of Directors must participate on one or more of the following committees: Audit Committee, Governance Committee, or the Education Committee.  It is important to note that committees are formed during the year in order to spearhead special projects. Among others, these include the Scholarship Committee, Nominating Committee and other ad-hoc committees as required.

Nomination Procedure

Thirty (30) days before the Annual General Meeting, candidates submit their application to the Nominating Committee. Candidates may also be nominated from the floor at the Annual General Meeting. Once nominated and declared eligible for election to the board by the Nominating Committee, the candidate may give a short address at the Annual General Meeting.

The Nominating Committee is responsible to ensure that nomination forms are updated and available at each branch of Beaubear Credit Union.

Are you Eligible to Vote?

Who may vote? Every member who is 19 years of age and in good standing* is entitled to one vote.

*Share balance of not less than $5.00, the first name on the account or have full member status as of the date of the Annual General Meeting. The Credit Union Act does not allow members to vote more than once per question or to vote by proxy. If a corporation or association is an owner of , the Credit Union shall recognize a natural person authorized to represent the corporation or association by a resolution of the directors of governing body of the corporation or association.