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For FINANCE sakes! It’s time to become a credit union member.


Because we’re a cooperative. This means we’re owned by our members. That means what’s good for you is good for us, you have a say in how we operate, and your money stays local. This is why we say we don’t have customers; we have members. That’s a big difference from traditional financial institutions.

Canadians have ranked credit unions #1 in customer service for personal banking for over 16 years in a row because we prioritize people over profit.

We offer all the products and services you expect from a financial institution, from everyday banking needs like chequing and savings accounts, to long-term savings, mortgages, loans, expert financial advice, and more. Whether you want to send money through your app or pay with your phone, we have secure and convenient banking options to suit your needs.

From your everyday banking needs to your biggest dreams, we have your back.