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Local Members Testimonials and Comments

"Beaubear Credit Union was suggested to us when we decided to form the business, and they have proven to be very supportive of our business.
The staff has always been very approachable and helpful with all of our service needs, and we have been very happy to be a customer of the Credit Union since 2007. We always know that we can call or drop in with a question or concern, which will be addressed in a very professional manner."

Michael Larocque and Wil Guimond
Miramichi Health Training Centre 



"Lori is most Definitely the Girl to go see in the Business field I went to her on Two Businesses. The old saying goes. Two there will be three. Just saying. Lol I Highly Recommend Lori. A Big Thank You For Everything U Do For Double H." (posted on Beaubear Credit Union Facebook page - October 18, 2016)

Heather Hogan

"Lorie Ann Singleton Richard is the person to go see for your business. She helped me get started 4 years ago with my business. She knew exactly what I needed to do. Thank you Lorie Ann for everything!!"  (posted on Beaubear Credit Union Facebook Page - October 18, 2016)

Monique Clark
Clarks Care Home Ltd.

Comment made by a new non-profit member that found out they would receive a FREE deposit book.

"I will drop into the bank and get a book.  Some banks will not provide a book therefore this is much appreciated!  Thank you!"