Employer Payments with Direct Deposit

Ask your employer if direct deposit is available to you and what information is required to have your pay cheque automatically deposited into your credit union account.

Your employer may have their own form, or you can download our Direct Deposit Change/Request Form, located here.   Complete your form by referring to Required Account Information section above.  If you have a cheque, you can mark it as “Void” and staple it to the form.  Sign the printed form and submit it to your employer’s human resources department.

Required Account Information

The direct deposit form needs your financial institution and account numbers. For members with cheques, these micr numbers are printed on the bottom of the cheque. For accounts without cheques, the required information is below.

1. The first three digits are the cheque number; do not enter this number.

2. The five digits that follow are the branch numbers. Here is our listing:

a. Water St Branch – 37094*
b. Pleasant St Branch  – 37094*
    *both our branches share the same number

3. The next set of three digits is the financial institution number. Ours is 849.

4. The last set of digits is your bank account number*.
      *If your account number has a leading zero, it must be entered as part of the number.


Contact us if you require assistance

Water Street Branch 622-4532
Pleasant Street Branch 622-7709 
Email:  beaubear@beaubear.ca