Recreational Vehicle Loans

Whether you are longing to feel the freedom of the open road on a new bike or you want feel the freshness of the salt water air on a new boat, Beaubear Credit Union can help unlock your adventure.

No matter what recreational vehicle you desire: boat, RV, ATV, snowmobile or motorcycle, a Beaubear Credit Personal Account Manager can help you decide which financing option is best for you.

Loan Options

Pre-approval:Knowing how much you can afford to spend is the first step toward making the purchase of a recreational vehicle a stress-free and enjoyable experience.  When you meet with a Beaubear Credit Union Personal Account Manager, you can be confident they will walk you through the process and help you understand how much you can borrow, and how much you can afford to spend. They’ll take you through all your cost considerations and recommend you obtain insurance quotes for the make and models you are interested in purchasing. With a pre-approved loan and an understanding of what you can afford, you are now in a better negotiating position when shopping for your new recreational vehicle.

What Should You Bring to a Meeting for a Vehicle Loan Pre-approval?

Personal information
Employment verification
Asset and liability information

Ready to Sign a Financing Offer? Here’s What You Need After You Have a Pre-approval:

Description of the vehicle
Insurance confirmation


Flexible Payments: Make payments weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Accelerated payments are available.

Pay your loan off sooner: No penalty for extra payments or early repayment. Make extra payments any time, in any amount, and as often as you want.

Rate: Competitive  rates

Term: The term of your loan is determined by the cost of the recreational vehicle and whether it is new or used.

Insurance:  - Credit Life and Disability Insurance available to eligible borrowers.

  - Credit Disability Insurance will provide your monthly payments on behalf of you or your co-borrower in the event of sickness or accident after a 30 day waiting period.

   - Credit Life Insurance gives you the confidence of knowing that your loan commitments will not become a liability for your loved ones or your estate.

  - Critical Illness Insurance provides a living benefit if diagnosed with a covered critical illness.

More information on Insurance


Apply for a loan  To apply for a loan you will need to provide: T4, recent pay stub and Notice of Assessment.